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June 30 2017


I’m so glad I’m seeing teenagers recognize that older men have no business talking to them in a romantic/sexual way. I’d always be like “I’m SUPER mature” and took the attention as a compliment which played right into older men’s traps. But I see girls now like “dude I’m 14 fuck off” and that makes me so happy for this upcoming generation of girls that know their worth and don’t take shit.

June 29 2017

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What did I do to deserve you?

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holy damn

oh fuck no

If I die, I die with a mouthful of fried chicken and no regrets

Because the post doesn’t really explain, as a heads up the tick in question is the lone star tick. It’s a brown red tick with an iconic white dot on its back. Much bigger than a deer tick, it’s easier to spot but the above is true! A bite from a contaminated lone star tick can make you allergic to RED MEAT, so poultry and fish you’d still be good on.

Have fun this tick season folks and remember to always always wear tick repellent if you’re going off the sidewalk into leaf litter or tall grass. Lyme disease isn’t any better at all and is more prevalent. Ticks are not fun!

I have this and it’s definitely not fun. I miss pork and beef so much. This is a real thing, unfortunately.

I can’t stress this enough; PLEASE be cautious and definitely wear tick repellent.

Heres the area where it lives y’all! From wikipedia.

stay safe! hats and bug spray are your friends.

And an article explaining about it: https://www.forbes.com/sites/carmendrahl/2017/06/22/this-is-what-we-know-about-how-the-lone-star-tick-causes-meat-allergies/

Haha, this sounds ridiculous. I’m gonna look on Snopes and they’ll say it’s false and fjas;ljlsad HECK IT’S TRUE.

What the FUCK.


Coworker’s parent and brother got bitten by one and can no longer have red meat. Stay safe friends! Always wear bug repellent when out in wooded areas!





How well do you see color?

I’m cry I scored 60, I feel blind

so everyone is aware, a lower score on this means a better score.

I got a 30!!!!!!!! Yes!

7, but i’m an art student so

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Slytherin stimboard! (I myself am a slytherin, for anyone curious.)

Gryffindor | Ravenclaw | Hufflepuff is in my queue! |

Credits: X X X | X X X | X X X

[Requests are open and encouraged!]



while I’m here:

  • aspartame does not give you cancer
  • gluten is not bad for you if you’re not allergic/don’t have celiac disease
  • superfoods aren’t real, they’re just healthy things with maybe some nicer levels of certain vitamins
  • vaccines do not cause autism or really anything else and the chemicals present in them that typically scare you are in such minute amounts that they do precisely fuck-all in your body (we’re talking scales of one part per million)
  • you cannot do a cleanse or diet to “rid your body of toxins,” your kidneys and liver have that covered
  • GMO foods will not kill you; most genetic crop modification just makes our crops hardier and produce more food (and genetic modification doesn’t inject more chemicals into your food, it’s just minor altering of DNA that is made of the exact same stuff your DNA is made from)
  • if you feed your cat a vegan diet I will personally come to your home with the skull of a long-dead predator, point out the shape of its jaw and teeth as indicators of predatory feeding habits, and then beat you with it

I love this

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This made my heart smile.


I like Kitchen Nightmares, but every so often I imagine a scenario where I’m dining out one night and suddenly Gordon Ramsay bursts out of the kitchen shouting “I’M SHUTTING IT DOWN!” and I just think Oh god what did I just eat

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Real talk: Probably 90% of the people I’ve seen publicly take a stand against the anti-Semitic actions at the Dλke March this in the past 36 hours have been Queer Muslimahs, including one statement I saw on FB from a Queer Palestinian woman. 

The rest of y’all need to step up and condemn this, there is literally no excuse. 

I am grateful to our Muslim cousins, and our even closer Palestinian cousins, for standing up and speaking out.  

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Being old doesn’t excuse being a bigot, now or ever


there’s a lot of unspoken pressure to keep liking the things you used to like and to keep dressing the way you’ve always dressed and to never question what you believe in and basically “be yourself” has slowly morphed into “be what everyone knows you as” but trust me when i say if you just give it up and simply make decisions and take actions based purely on what would make you happy, you’ll gain a very comforting sense of self peace   

chronic illness skills:


-really good at getting blood drawn
-tv marathoning
-doing everything in pain
-know the best heating pads
-will sit on the floor if there are no chairs
-smarter than doctors sometimes tbh


I just sent a client his business cards.

Client: I don’t like them. They’re not what I was expecting.

Me: That’s not good, what were you expecting?

Client: When you sent me the artwork, i was like “F*ck, that’s SIIIIICK,” but the business cards don’t make me say that. 

Me: But it’s the same artwork as what was sent to you.

Client: On my phone, it was glowing, especially when it was dark, you could see the artwork better.

Me: Are you aware that your phone has a light behind the screen?

Client: How do I get that for my business cards?

Me: Are you prepared to pay $800 per card?

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Dominique Provost-Chalkley at Toronto Pride



if you dont reblog this youre straight

Not on my fucking watch buddy

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I feel like an important message is trying to be communicated to me but I have no idea what it is

Our forests are being cut down 3x faster than they can grow! One acre of hemp produces as much cellulose fiber pulp as 4.1 acres of trees!!! This is super useful for so many things, especially paper production! In addition, hemp takes in carbon dioxide 4x as fast as trees do, which makes it especially valuable in the act of reducing CO2 emissions/greenhouse gases! 🌲🌲🌲 source 

#the scope of the anti-hemp conspiracy in the united states is terrifying once you start doing research tbh#like it was initially smeared/banned bc lumber lobbyists pushed for it to be…#and a major smear tactic was to associate it with black people#who now a hundred years later are the ones primarily being imprisoned for it#and the plant itself has now been inextricably linked to the drug so people won’t even allow for it to be grown for commercial purposes#like paper making (via literallyfuckeveryone)

Important reminder that industrial hemp can’t be used as a recreational drug, so if anyone tries to pull that card you can just stop them then and there. There are no real arguments against using industrial hemp, even if you’re rigidly against the legalization of any recreational drugs.

AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I never see pro-hemp on my dash, woo!

Usually the argument on why you can’t have hemp is because then people will hide marijuana in it.

yeah, sure…. if they want shitty, shitty marijuana.

It would be like growing sweet corn and dent corn together.  Yeah, they look similar at a distance and they’re closely related, but you don’t want them next to each other as they’ll cross pollinate and you’ll end up with bad versions of both.

Same deal here.  a patch of marijuana grown in an open field of hemp IS going to get contaminated and it’ll lower quality of BOTH crops.  Your hemp farmer doesn’t want that and if likely going rip out any patches trespassers try to add for same reason. 

and the big issue is not even the THC content.  Because most quality marijuana is intended to be grown indoors or greenhouses, its a dwarf variety. Short.  Fiber hemp is bred for height so as to maximize fiber production.  super tall. It’s going to be really obvious, really fast if you’ve got both in the same field even before you get to the point of pollination. what’s this runty bullshit doing in my field?

They also have different growing needs with regards to spacing, harvest time, etc. so the argument that you can hide marijuana in industrial hemp fields are basically bullshit.

anyway… aside from paper, hemp fiber can also be used to make earthquake resistant concrete that’s actually LIGHTER than conventional concrete while being stronger. It’s better at resisting flexing or warping, so ideal for stuff like bridges and highway supports as it’ll better resist large temperature swings and vibration. (”hempcrete” is slightly different, but makes great fire resistant insulation)

You can also use the waste after fiber harvest for animal fodder, including silage. Comparable to corn. and remember, that’s the waste after you’ve harvested for fiber!

Just to add, it can be used for paper, concrete, insulation, cloth and rope (both rough like sack cloth and smooth like cotton), bio degradable plastics (oddly same for banana trees I believe) and then of course for things like fishing lines and nets etc.

It’s a very versatile and useful plant that has been used for hundreds or maybe even thousands of years for material uses, and with modern advances is becoming even more useful thanks to chemical engineering and similar.

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Congratulations, B.o.B., a dude more than 2,000 years ago figured out what you still can’t understand despite the benefits of free public school, generations of documentation and the internet at your fucking fingertips.

To be honest, I’m mostly reblogging this for the Carl Sagan explanation.

Ancient Egypt was insane with their astronomy and giant buildings. The damned pyramids line up with constellations and specific stars

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good news everyone, they found the cure for straight people


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