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October 25 2017




please please please dont ever declaw ur kitties there is literally no excuse for that shit. if u want a cat but ur scared about its claws there are better solutions than declawing and if u think there arent u honestly should not have a cat

this is just an image i googled, but for my cats we always used nail caps. they’re cute, multicolored options, cheap, and best of all, they don’t hurt your sweet kitty. declawing is basically removing our whole top knuckles and they can be in pain for the rest of their loves due to it. just don’t

You can also clip your kitty’s nails, but it’s important to start young so it doesn’t freak them out. All 3 of mine are very cooperative and it doesn’t hurt them at all.

It’s also very important for them to have scratching posts in every room in the house. It’s important for them to have some way of using their class lest you and your furniture become the scratching posts

For those of you that don’t know, declawing actually entails removing an entire joint of their paws. It also leads to more aggression in cats because the fact that they don’t have claws to defend themselves with makes them more insecure, and they’ll resort to biting if they have no other means of defending themselves.


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Proud to see this





when channing tatum was 16 he dated a guy and he’s spoken about it in great length and referred to himself as not-straight so stop calling him part of straight culture lmao

CHANNING TATUM LOVES MEN and works really hard to remind everyone of that all the time and somehow it keeps getting rewritten and forgotten because queer erasure is WILD, support Channing Tatum, man, he’s the genuinely kind inoffensive white normy looking guy we all dream of existing but think can’t be real, Channing unicorn Tatum

It was so disappointing when he went to Pride after he came out, and was happy and dancing and waving his flags, then it was posted all over the place as “This is how you be a straight ally.”

Channing Tatum is bisexual. Let’s use that word more often and not refer to bisexual people are “non-straight” because that is so silly. 

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Slytherin: *completes one problem on their math test* YES!

Slytherin: I finally understand math!

Slytherin: *sees next problem*


Slytherin: What the fuck is this?

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Well fuck, who’s gonna tell them that Super Man is an illegal immigrant?


once you start wearing big t-shirts you never go back to the ones that fit

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write the backstory of your url

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Someone give this man a megaphone.

Reblog the hell out of this - please. Even those of you who are not in the US. You have Us followers and this is obscene.

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this seemed so natural and correct to me that I had to read it three times before I realized what was wrong with it

Okay I know I just reblogged this, but I’m not done with it.

Has anyone else thought about how much more compelling this simple change would have been thematically? We lose nothing of Clint’s character development, because a sister can be just as important and share the same concerns as a wife. But instead of an awkwardly underdeveloped romantic relationship, suddenly there’s a sibling relationship to parallel the Maximoffs. But Clint has chosen to protect his family and keep them out of it, while Pietro and Wanda have chosen to fight side by side.  Give Clint a conversation with Pietro about family, and protecting their family. Make them disapprove of each other’s methods. Pietro’s sacrifice to save Clint is instantly so much more heartbreaking. Give us Clint fighting to bring Pietro’s body back, because he knows he needs to bring him home to Wanda.

Literally so much improvement with less than five minutes of the actual film changed


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you loved her so much you fell in love with yourself 


lesbians are allowed to have complicated relationships to gender!

lesbians are allowed to play with gender!

lesbians are allowed to use pronouns or present in ways that are not typically associated with their gender!

lesbians do not have to adhere to the rules of the western gender binary!

the gender binary was not designed for lesbians, we do not fit in it to begin with, and there is nothing inherently binary about being a lesbian!!








Headcanon that McGonagall is offended on a personal level that Umbridge loves cats. 

This literally got 600 more notes just while I was at dinner what the fuck

How has nobody thought about this before tbh

Ok but imagine McGonagall in cat form prowling around the castle, in strategically chosen places so that Umbridge will come across her. 

Umbridge takes the cat back to her office and feeds it a little saucer of milk. The cat starts coming back to Umbridge’s office around the same time every night, until eventually Umbridge gets into a little routine of setting out a saucer of milk for the cat before bed. 

McGonagall now has all the best secrets on Umbridge, all of the results of the evaluations, and most importantly, is in a perfect position to spy on the ministry for the Order of the Phoenix. 

All because Umbridge is obsessed with cats.

The mental image McGonagall lapping up that milk while full of burning hatred for Umbridge amuses me in ways I can hardly describe.

I’m not even a Harry Potter fan and I still think this is hysterical

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